Pray For Missionaries
How To Pray For Missionaries
Praying for missionaries is a vital part of the missionary effort.
Every Christian can pray. No matter what your spiritual experience or measure of faith, you can pray. Most of us know that we should pray for our missionaries but we lack the discipline of doing it in a regular and consistent manner. Here are some helpful hints:

Target your prayers. As WGL district missionaries tour the district you have an opportunity to get to know them personally. Make it a point of focusing in on a few. Keep your prayer list to no more than three that are a special concern to you.

Pray specifically. Know your missionary by name. Know the whole family. Have a picture at the kitchen table, on the refrigerator, at work or anywhere so that you will be reminded of them throughout the day.

Pray daily. A few minutes each day is better than an hour only once in a while. The best way to do it is to make it a life habit - at the breakfast table, over lunch or before bed. Just do it!
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